Citrix Taft Library Resources Instructions

Instructions on how to access Taft Library Resources using Citrix from off campus:

Citrix Online Plug-in Installation
In order to access applications delivered from Citrix, like Taft Library Resources, the Citrix online client plug-in must be installed on your computer. As with most installations, administrator rights on the computer are necessary to install the client software. There is a two step process:

1) Download and install the client from this page by clicking the link associated with the computer platform:

Windows: CitrixOnlinePluginWeb12.03.exe(external link)

Mac: CitrixOnlinePlug-in_web11_2.dmg(external link)

2) After downloading the installer, double-click the file to start the installation. Macintosh users need to mount the image file an then double-click the installer. Accept all default selections when installing the software. While the Citrix installation requires administrator rights, running the software does not.

After this installation, you should be able to access Citrix from any place off campus, by going to this link:

http://xenapp.taftschool.org(external link)

As always, please contact the Taft IT department if you have any difficulties.

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