How do I use the Barracuda Anti-Spam Server


What is the Barracuda Anti-Spam Server?
The Barracuda anti-spam server inspects all email coming in from the Internet for spam and either delivers the message to your Taft email inbox, quarantines the message for your review, or blocks the message altogether. The Barracuda device only checks email coming from off-campus, it has no effect on mail sent within the Taft's email system. The Barracuda anti-spam server has the advantage of allowing each user to decide what they do or do not consider spam, or you may accept the system defaults if you choose.

Email Delivery of Spam Quarantine Summary
At 3:00 p.m. each day you will receive an email from the Barracuda that will list messages that have been quarantined during the previous 24 hours. While you may choose at this point to either deliver, whitelist, or delete each message, it is preferable to click the “click here” link at the bottom of the page for more options. Clicking this link automatically logs you into your account on the Barracuda server. From there you can classify each quarantined message as either spam or not spam, allowing the server to learn your individual preferences.

Logging in to the Barracuda
You may also log in to the Barracuda server at any time by going to http://barracuda.taftschool.org:8000(external link). Your username is the same as for your Taft email address, and the Barracuda will send you a temporary password. It’s recommended that you change the temporary password once you login. You can choose a password that is easy for you to remember but has to be a strong password.

TIP: You can reset it to the same password that you use to access your Taft email. That way you don’t need to remember two passwords.

What if I forgot my password?
When you login using a wrong password, you will get an error stating “Error: Invalid username or password”. Make sure you enter your full email address in the “Username” field, and click on the button below reading “Create New Password”. This will instruct the Barracuda server to email you a new password. You can change this temporary password once you login.

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