Setting up FirstClass on Your Blackberry

The FirstClass client for the BlackBerry is available directly from our server.
1.  To download and install FirstClass for the BlackBerry.  Open the BlackBerry Browser and go to the following url:
2.  Click on the OTSW Client for BlackBerry link.
OTSW Web Page Screenshot
3.  You should see a window that says, OpenText Social Workplace for BlackBerry.  Click on the "Install Open Text Social Workplace for..." link.
OTSW BlackBerry Link
4.  Select Download to start the download process.  It will download and install the application to your BlackBerry.  You will be prompted to install the FirstClass client.
FirstClass Client for BlackBerry Download Link
5.  Launch the FirstClass client.  When you get to login screen, fill in the Server name, your Taft Email User ID and Password.
Server = otsw.taftschool.org
BlackBerry FirstClass Client Login Screenshot
IMPORTANT:  This client will give you access to Mail, your folders, and Conferences.  It DOES NOT come with contacts and calendar access.

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